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    July 13, 2000. Appeal from a judgment of the County Court of Washington County (Hemmett Jr., J.), rendered April 9, 1999, convicting defendant upon his plea of guilty of the crime of attempted promoting prison contraband in the first degree. Carl J. Silverstein, Monticello, for appellant. Robert M. Winn, District Attorney (Bert Turner of counsel), Fort Edward, for respondent. Before: Mercure, J.P., Crew III, Mugglin, Rose and Lahtinen, JJ. MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Mugglin, J. Defendant, a prison inmate

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  3. People v. Quinones

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    In Quinones, the Court of Appeals addressed a split in the appellate divisions, two of which prohibited courts from simultaneously imposing both restitution and the mandatory surcharge/CVAF, and two of which allowed that practice.