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    Holding that context and structure of the statute are relevant to interpretation
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    Holding that a later, specific statute trumps an earlier, more general statute
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    In Tall Trees Construction Corp., though, the court held that because the Board did not have to make any findings of fact, the court's appellate review was not limited to such findings when deciding whether the procedural dismissal was arbitrary or capricious. Tall Trees Construction Corp., 761 N.E.2d at 570.
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    Determining that the Additional Child Tax Credit is exempt under Illinois law, but that the Child Tax Credit is not
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    Consulting dictionaries and concluding “public assistance” means government benefits provided to the needy
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    Case No. 08-35623. 4-24-2009 In Re: Brian Leroy Luke and Amanda Joy Luke, Chapter 7, Debtors. Mary Ann Whipple This case is before the court on the Chapter 7 Trustee's Objection to Amended Exemptions in Tax Refunds ("Objection") [Doc. #21] and his memorandum in support [Doc. #27]. The court held a hearing on the Objection at which the Trustee and Debtors' Attorney both appeared in person. For the reasons that follow, the Trustee's Objection will be sustained. FACTUAL BACKGROUND The relevant facts

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    No. 03-00146 F, C03-3079-MWB January 27, 2004 MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER ON PETITION FOR REVIEW OF THE DECISION OF THE BANKRUPTCY COURT MARK BENNETT, Chief Judge, DistrictPage 2 "The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways." John F. Kennedy, (Thirty-Fifth President of the United States) Quotation found at http: //www. nonstopenglish.com/reading/quotations. This appeal from a decision of the United States

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  9. Section 522 - Exemptions

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    Granting debtor power to avoid judicial lien that impairs exemption