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    Holding that the McCarran Act expressly authorizes states to regulate and tax the business of insurance, even where such regulation and taxation might burden interstate commerce
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    Holding that "questions of policy" under state insurance regulations are "not for us to judge"
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    Upholding prohibition of “unreasonable” insurance commissions
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    Recognizing that administrative bodies "may spend no more money to provide services than the Legislature has appropriated"
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    Upholding state statute requiring insurers to participate in a mandatory assigned-risk pool to assure the availability of automobile insurance
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    Argued November 14, 1985 Decided December 19, 1985 Appeal from the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Third Judicial Department, John G. Connor, J. Robert Abrams, Attorney-General (Wayne L. Benjamin, Robert Hermann and Peter H. Schiff of counsel), for appellant. Lewis B. Oliver, Jr., and Harriet B. Oliver for respondents. MEYER, J. The use in regulations promulgated by the Superintendent of Insurance pursuant to Insurance Law § 2329 of aggregate industry data rather than the individual

  7. Montgomery Ward v. Imperial Casualty Indemnity

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    Holding horizontal exhaustion of SIRs not to be required before excess coverage is triggered
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  9. Miller-Wohl Co. v. Commissioner of Labor & Industry

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    Holding that because "[a]n amicus curiae is not a party to litigation," courts will "rarely" give "party prerogatives to those not formal parties"
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  11. Section 11658

    Cal. Ins. Code § 11658   Cited 34 times   5 Legal Analyses

    (a) A workers' compensation insurance policy or endorsement shall not be issued by an insurer to any person in this state unless the insurer files a copy of the form or endorsement with the rating organization pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 11750.3 and 30 days have expired from the date the form or endorsement is received by the commissioner from the rating organization without notice from the commissioner, unless the commissioner gives written approval of the form or endorsement prior to

  12. Section 1

    Cal. Ins. Code § 1   Cited 29 times
    In Elkins 1, the key issue, resolved adversely to Elkins, was "whether [Haire] breached her obligation to pay [Elkins'] any attorney fees owed him under paragraphs 12 and 15 of the retention agreement and, more specifically, whether at the time of [Elkins'] demand letter of December 2004, there had been—or even was thereafter—any determination of the 'fair market value' of her interest in the Haire Ranch."
  13. Section 2218 - Workers' Compensation Forms and Rates

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    (a) Workers' compensation policy forms, endorsement forms, or ancillary agreements that are submitted to the Insurance Commissioner are excluded from the requirements of Sections 2204, 2205, 2216 and 2217 of these regulations. Sections 2250 et seq. govern the submission, approval and use of workers' compensation policy forms, endorsement forms, ancillary agreements, and notices. (b) Workers' compensation rates shall be filed as provided in Sections 2509.30 et seq. of this chapter. Cal. Code Regs