13 Cited authorities

  1. United States v. Procter Gamble

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    Holding that, although Government suggested dismissal as a sanction for its refusal to comply with a challenged court order, Government could challenge that underlying order in ensuing appeal of dismissal
  2. Wimberly v. Derby Cycle Corp.

    56 Cal.App.4th 618 (Cal. Ct. App. 1997)   Cited 106 times
    Holding that because objections to requests for admissions were unchallenged by a motion to compel a further response, the denial of sanctions was proper
  3. Smith v. Circle P Ranch Co.

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    In Smith v. Circle P Ranch Co. (1978) 87 Cal.App.3d 267, 272, the court set forth the basic elements of unity of interest, making it discretionary for the court to grant costs to a prevailing defendant: "Section 1032, subdivision (b), establishes two requirements which must be met to determine which defendants are entitled to mandatory recovery of an award of costs in those cases where there are several defendants and plaintiff fails to recover judgment against all.
  4. Redwood Empire v. Gombos

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    Upholding a finding of implied public dedication of a one-lane dirt road in the Santa Cruz Mountains
  5. Fredericks v. Kontos Industries, Inc.

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    In Fredericks, an owner responded to a request for admission by admitting he had agreed to make payments to a contractor according to a payment schedule.
  6. Chronicle Pub. Co. v. Superior Court

    54 Cal.2d 548 (Cal. 1960)   Cited 75 times
    In Chronicle Pub.Co. v. Superior Court (1960) 54 Cal.2d 548 [ 7 Cal.Rptr. 109, 354 P.2d 637] we said that this last provision demonstrates "[t]hat the Legislature considered the State Bar as at least akin to a state public body or agency" (p. 565), and held that officers of the bar could claim the confidential communication privilege given public officers under former Code of Civil Procedure section 1881 A later decision, Engel v. McClosky (1979) 92 Cal.App.3d 870 [ 155 Cal.Rptr. 284], applied the tort claims act (Gov. Code, § 810 et seq.)
  7. Burke v. Superior Court

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    In Burke the defendant in an action on an attachment bond defended against a claim for the expenses incurred in winning the underlying action, by claiming, through denials, that the attachment could have been dissolved without winning the case on its merits.
  8. Chodos v. Superior Court

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    In Chodos, the court compared the "sworn statement" requirement of section 2033 to the requirement that allegations in a sworn pleading must be answered under oath.
  9. International Harvester Co. v. Superior Court

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    Docket No. 12229. June 3, 1969. PROCEEDING in mandamus to compel the Superior Court of Shasta County to grant a motion for summary judgment in a wrongful death action. Writ denied; order to show cause discharged. Rust, Hoffman Mills and David A. Tallant for Petitioner. No appearance for Respondent. Jack Halpin and William Braun for Real Parties in Interest. BRAY, J.[fn*] [fn*] Retired Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal sitting under assignment by the Chairman of the Judicial Council. Petitioner

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