34 Cited authorities

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    Holding that actual innocence, if proven, can overcome § 2244(d)'s limitations period
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    Holding that "new constitutional rules of criminal procedure will not be applicable to those cases which have become final before the new rules are announced"
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    Holding that a state post-conviction action is "properly filed" for § 2244(d) purposes "when its delivery and acceptance are in compliance with the applicable laws and rules governing filings," such as "the form of the document, the time limits upon its delivery, the court and office in which it must be lodged, and the requisite filing fee" (footnote omitted)
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    Holding that a "colorable showing of factual innocence" satisfies the "ends of justice" requirement
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    Holding that a silent record is insufficient for a waiver of certain specified rights not at issue here
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    Holding that "the futility of presenting an objection to the state courts cannot alone constitute cause for a failure to object at trial"
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    Finding that a military court's jurisdiction to issue the writ of coram nobis "derives from the earlier jurisdiction it exercised to hear and determine the validity of the conviction on direct review"
  8. Brown v. Allen

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    Holding that a prisoner does not have "to ask the state for collateral relief, based on the same evidence and issues already decided by direct review"
  9. Mackey v. United States

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    Upholding use of wagering tax returns in pre- Marchetti-Grosso prosecutions for income tax evasion.
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    In People v Harris (61 N.Y.2d 9), within the context of determining whether a guilty plea was knowingly and voluntarily entered, the Court of Appeals concluded that no mandatory catechism was required.