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    Recognizing that "in a few instances, however, what might otherwise be negotiable terms and conditions of employment are prohibited from being collectively bargained. For example, a statute may direct that certain action be taken by the employer, leaving no room for negotiation."
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    Discussing briefly the legislative history of § 220 and the prevailing wage constitutional amendment
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    Describing "except" as "conditional language"
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    Holding that the governor of New York "has only those powers delegated to him by the [state] Constitution and the statutes"
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    In Calavano v. New York City Health Hospitals Corp. (246 A.D.2d 317), relied upon by the defendant, the plaintiff was aware when he signed the release of the nature of his injury, a herniated disk at L4-L5, but was simply unaware that he would afterward experience severe pain from the injury, requiring emergency surgery.
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    Reaffirming that “section 220 must be construed with the liberality needed to carry out its beneficent purposes”—“the protection of workingmen” with respect to their right to be paid prevailing wages