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    Holding that a "defendant has . . . fulfilled its primary objective whenever the plaintiff's challenge is rebuffed, irrespective of the precise reason for the court's decision," and that a "defendant may prevail even if the court's final judgment rejects the plaintiff's claim for a nonmerits reason"
  2. McCann v. Newman Irrevocable Trust

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    Listing factors relevant to determining domicile and noting the party asserting diversity jurisdiction bears the burden of proof and can meet this burden by proving diversity of citizenship by a preponderance of the evidence
  3. Dattner v. Conagra Foods, Inc.

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    Holding that a dismissal for forum non conveniens does not satisfy the Buckhannon test because plaintiff is "free to pursue his claims against the defendants" in another forum
  4. Rohm Haas Co. v. Crystal Chemical Co.

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    Interpreting § 285 as applicable only where the appeal itself is exceptional, and declining to award such fees where the court did not feel that the litigant truly “frustrated presentation of this case”
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  6. Direct Fitness Solutions, LLC v. Direct Fitness Solutions, LLC

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    Finding that the defendant was a prevailing party even though the court had dismissed the claims for lack of personal jurisdiction and the plaintiff could refile his claims against the defendant in another court
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  8. Section 1927 - Counsel's liability for excessive costs

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    Granting courts the power to charge "excess costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees reasonably incurred" due to "unreasonabl[e] and vexatious" conduct
  9. Section 285 - Attorney fees

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    Granting district courts discretion to award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing party in exceptional cases