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  1. Los Angeles v. Lyons

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    Holding there is no justiciable controversy where plaintiff had once been subjected to a chokehold
  2. Blanchard v. Bergeron

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    Holding that, because there is no requirement in § 1988 that attorney's fees be incurred, contingent-fee agreements do not impose an automatic ceiling on the fees amount
  3. Levy v. Senate of Pa.

    65 A.3d 361 (Pa. 2013)   Cited 88 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Holding that "a client's identity is generally not privileged," though "the attorney-client privilege may apply in cases where divulging the client's identity would disclose either the legal advice given or the confidential communications provided"
  4. Anderson v. Macy's, Inc.

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    Providing factors courts look to in "determin[ing] the likelihood of a plaintiff returning to the place of [an] alleged ADA violation," including: " the plaintiff's proximity to the defendant's place of public accommodation; the plaintiff[']s past patronage; the definitiveness of the plaintiff's plan to return"
  5. Hollinger v. Reading Health Sys.

    CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-5249 (E.D. Pa. Jan. 30, 2017)   Cited 6 times

    CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-5249 01-30-2017 JAMES N. HOLLINGER Plaintiff, v. READING HEALTH SYSTEM, et al., Defendants. STENGEL, J. MEMORANDUM STENGEL, J. I. INTRODUCTION Ten days into his stay as a patient at Reading Hospital, James Hollinger slapped Lydia Davis (one of the hospital's nurses) in the face. Plaintiff was discharged into police custody and charged with assault. He now sues the hospital and doctors that treated him. He claims his discharge violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  6. Brown v. Mt Fuji Japanese Rest.

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    No. 14-1635 08-31-2015 JEANETTE BROWN, Appellant v. MT. FUJI JAPANESE RESTAURANT; MAGGIOS PIZZA AND PASTA; HELLO GORGEOUS SALON FUENTES, Circuit Judge NOT PRECEDENTIAL On Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (No. 1-08-cv-06143) District Judge: Hon. Joseph H. Rodriguez Submitted Pursuant to Third Circuit L.A.R. 34.1(a) July 7, 2015 Before: FUENTES, SLOVITER, and ROTH, Circuit Judges OPINION FUENTES, Circuit Judge: This disposition is not an opinion of the full

  7. Saint Luke's Hosp. of Bethlehem v. Vivian

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    2014-10-15 SAINT LUKE'S HOSPITAL OF BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania d/b/a St. Luke's Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network, Appellants v. John R. VIVIAN, Jr., Esq., Martin D. Cohen, Esq., Cohen & Feeley, P.C., Dr. John Shane, M.D., Harry H. Miller, Executor of the Estate of Regina C. Miller, Appellees. Saint Luke's Hospital of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania d/b/a St. Luke's Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network, Appellants v. John R. Vivian, Jr., Esq., Martin D. Cohen, Esq., Cohen & Freeley

  8. Rule 26 - Duty to Disclose; General Provisions Governing Discovery

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    Adopting Fed.R.Civ.P. 37
  9. Rule 801 - Definitions That Apply to This Article; Exclusions from Hearsay

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    Holding that such a statement must merely be made by the party and offered against that party
  10. Rule 30 - Depositions by Oral Examination

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    Upholding a district court's decision not to consider the plaintiff's deposition errata sheets in opposition to a motion for summary judgment when they were untimely
  11. Section 12102 - Definition of disability

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    Recognizing ADA claim where plaintiff is "regarded as" disabled
  12. Section 12005 - Demonstration and commercial application projects

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    (a) Purpose The purpose of this section is to direct the Secretary to further the commercialization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies through a five-year program. (b) Demonstration and commercial application projects (1) Establishment (A) The Secretary shall solicit proposals for demonstration and commercial application projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies pursuant to subsection (c). Such projects may include projects for- (i) the production and sale