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    Holding that "[t]he phrase big skank is not actionable because it is too vague to be capable of being proven true or false" and "the term skank constitutes rhetorical hyperbole which no listener could reasonably have interpreted to be a statement of actual fact"
  2. Ampex Corp. v. Cargle

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    Concluding that Yahoo!'s message board for Ampex is a public forum for purposes of section 425.16
  3. Depper v. Superior Court of Alameda County

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    A086238 (Alameda County Super. Ct. No. 116653B) Filed August 10, 1999 Certified for Publication Appeal from the Alameda County Superior Court, Honorable Dean Beaupre, Judge. Barry L. Morris and Kevin Taguchi for Petitioner. Richard E. Winnie, County Counsel, and John T. Ketelsen, Deputy County Counsel, for Respondent. No appearance for Real Party in interest. KLINE, P.J. By petition for writ of mandate, Stuart Depper contests the order of the Alameda County Superior Court denying his Code of Civil