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    Holding that the allegations in the complaint and the supporting affidavits were adequate to withstand a motion to dismiss
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    Holding that the in-state "origin of any advertising or promotional conduct is irrelevant if the deception itself" occurred out of state and that merely "'hatching a scheme' or originating a marketing campaign in New York" is not actionable under the statute
  3. 511 West 232nd Owners Corp. v. Jennifer Realty Co.

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    Holding that the plaintiffs sufficiently pled a breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing by alleging that the defendant, which contracted to convert its building into a cooperative, rejected bona fide purchase offers from prospective tenants
  4. Dalton v. Educ. Testing Serv

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    Holding that defendant testing service breached the implied covenant by ignoring evidence it invited the plaintiff to submit
  5. Skillgames v. Brody

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    Upholding dismissal of related claim of breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  6. Tractebel Energy Marketing, Inc. v. AEP Power Marketing, Inc.

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    Comparing New York law for general and consequential damages, and noting that while both standards require the fact of damage to be "reasonably certain," proof of consequential damages involves "a higher burden" because "[w]hile certainty of amount is not an element of general damages in New York, it is an element of consequential damages."
  7. VKK Corp. v. National Football League

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    Holding that district court abused its discretion by not permitting amendment to add party as a defendant
  8. Sutton v. East River Savings Bank

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    Explaining that when interpreting a contract, "the aim is a practical interpretation of the expression of the parties to the end that there be a realization of their reasonable expectations"
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    Holding that breach of fiduciary duty claims in the securities context are preempted by the Martin Act
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    Holding that where a party re-read only those sections he was told changed prior to signing the agreement, he would be bound