15 Cited authorities

  1. Ross v. Curtis-Palmer

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    Holding that plaintiff's "§ 241 claim must fail because of the inadequacy of his allegations regarding the regulations defendants purportedly breached"
  2. Blake v. Neighborhood Hous. Serv. of N.Y.C.

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    Holding that "an accident alone does not establish a Labor Law § 240 violation"
  3. Klein v. City of New York

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    In Klein, the plaintiff sustained injuries when he fell from a ladder that slipped out from underneath him because the floor had recently been flooded with a slick and greasy water, and a “film” or “ ‘gunk’ ” residue remained (id. at 834, 652 N.Y.S.2d 723, 675 N.E.2d 458).
  4. Nieves v. Five Boro Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Corp.

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    Holding "[t]he core objective of the statute in requiring protective devices for those working at heights is to allow them to complete their work safely and prevent them from falling. Where an injury results from a separate hazard wholly unrelated to the risk which brought about the need for the safety device in the first instance, no section 240 liability exists"
  5. Melber v. 6333 Main Street, Inc.

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    In Melber, the plaintiff was standing on 42–inch stilts while installing metal studs in the top of a drywall (see id. at 761, 676 N.Y.S.2d 104, 698 N.E.2d 933).
  6. Marin v. Levin Properties

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    2004-09546. April 11, 2006. In an action to recover damages for personal injuries, the plaintiff appeals from an order of the Supreme Court, Kings County (Harkavy, J.), dated September 30, 2004, which denied that branch of their motion which was his motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability on his cause of action pursuant to Labor Law § 240 (1). Dalli Marino, LLP (Pollack, Pollack, Isaac De Cicco, New York, N.Y. [John Dalli and Brian J. Isaac] of counsel), for appellant. Ryan Gulino,

  7. Thome v. Benchmark Main Transit Associates

    86 A.D.3d 938 (N.Y. App. Div. 2011)   Cited 13 times   1 Legal Analyses
    Reversing order finding for plaintiff on summary judgment where triable issue of fact existed as to whether the "plaintiff's actions were the sole proximate cause of his injuries."
  8. Masullo v. City

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    August 31, 1998 Appeal from the Supreme Court, Kings County (Hutcherson, J.). Ordered that the order is affirmed insofar as appealed from, with costs. The plaintiff Angelo Masullo, an employee of the third-party defendant A.F.C. Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter AFC), was injured at a pumping station owned by the defendant City of New York (hereinafter the City). AFC had been retained by the City for the purpose of replacing certain sewer pipes located at the pumping station. Having sustained injuries

  9. Bahrman v. Holtsville Fire District

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    Argued January 18, 2000. March 27, 2000. In an action to recover damages for personal injuries, (1) the plaintiff appeals, as limited by his brief, from so much of an order of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County (Doyle, J.), dated April 15, 1999, as denied that branch of his motion which was for summary judgment on the issue of liability under Labor Law § 240 Lab.(1), and (2) the defendants Holtsville Fire District and Holtsville Fire Department appeal from so much of the same order as denied their

  10. Medical Society v. State

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  11. Section 23-1.7 - Protection from general hazards

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    Relating to slipping hazards