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    Finding Connecticut's own classification only instructive, not binding
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    Holding that “[w]hile an insured's failure to read or understand the policy or to comply with its requirements may give rise to a defense of comparative negligence in a malpractice suit against the broker, the insured's conduct does not, as the motion court held, bar such an action”
  3. People v. Wrotten

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    Holding that “the public policy of justly resolving criminal cases while at the same time protecting the well-being of a witness can require live two-way video testimony in the rare case where a key witness cannot physically travel to court in New York and where, as here, defendant's confrontation rights have been minimally impaired”
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    Holding that under New York choice of law rules, the law of the Cayman Islands applied to a derivative claim on behalf of a Cayman corporation
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  10. 302 612 of Operating Engineers v. Blanchard

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    No. 04 Civ. 5954 (LAP). August 24, 2005 OPINION AND ORDER LORETTA PRESKA, District Judge Defendant Nortel Networks Corporation ("Defendant" or "Nortel") presently moves to dismiss the derivative action filed by Plaintiff Locals 302 and 612 of the International Union of Operating Engineers — Employers Construction Industry Retirement Trust and Plaintiff Indiana Electrical Workers Pension Trust Fund IBEW (collectively, "Plaintiffs"). Counsel appeared on August 2, 2005 for oral argument on the motion

  11. Section 2-B - General powers of courts of record

    N.Y. Jud. Law § 2-B   Cited 141 times

    A court of record has power 1. to issue a subpoena requiring the attendance of a person found in the state to testify in a cause pending in that court, subject, however, to the limitations prescribed by law with respect to the portion of the state in which the process of the local court of record may be served; 2. to administer an oath to a witness in the exercise of the powers and duties of the court and; 3. to devise and make new process and forms of proceedings, necessary to carry into effect