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    Finding no abuse of discretion where the trial court "could have easily concluded that at the time plaintiff refused to admit such matters she reasonably held a good faith belief that she would prevail at trial on these issues"
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  3. Nieto v. Blue Shield of California Life & Health Ins. Co.

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    Noting that the law's second and third sentences "provide that the consequence of nondelivery following the insured's request is that the application may not be introduced into evidence"
  4. Mercury Interactive v. Klein

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    Concluding discovery material was not protected by constitutional right of access and remanding for determination of whether documents should remain confidential under protective order
  5. Jacobs v. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Co.

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    Noting that complaint stated," 'Plaintiff. . . was lawfully and foreseeably on an outdoor diving board on said premises when the attachments connecting the diving board to the ground broke off causing the board, and Plaintiff, to fall into a nearby empty pool'"
  6. In re Marriage of Heggie

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    In Heggie, the court found that under section 2123 "where the only reason to set aside a judgment is that it was 'inequitable when made, ' the trial court is affirmatively commanded not to set the judgment aside under 'any' law."
  7. Flagship Theatres of Palm Desert, LLC v. Century Theatres, Inc.

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    Noting federal law's antitrust injury requirement applies to claims under the Cartwright Act
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  10. Section 431.30 - General denial; denial made positively or according to information and belief of defendant

    Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 431.30   Cited 139 times
    Requiring an answer to contain both a general or specific denial of factual allegations, § 431.30(b), and a statement of "any new matter constituting a defense," § 431.30(b)
  11. Section 2025.480 - Motion to compel answer or production

    Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 2025.480   Cited 55 times
    Authorizing imposition of "an issue sanction, an evidence sanction, or a terminating sanction," but only "[i]f a deponent fails to obey an order" entered by the court in response to a motion to compel
  12. Section 19 - Designation of act

    Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 19   Cited 35 times

    This Act, whenever cited, enumerated, referred to, or amended, may be designated simply as "The Code of Civil Procedure," adding, when necessary, the number of the section. Ca. Civ. Proc. Code § 19 Enacted 1872.

  13. Rule 3.1113 - Memorandum

    Cal. R. 3.1113   Cited 97 times

    (a) Memorandum in support of motion A party filing a motion, except for a motion listed in rule 3.1114, must serve and file a supporting memorandum. The court may construe the absence of a memorandum as an admission that the motion or special demurrer is not meritorious and cause for its denial and, in the case of a demurrer, as a waiver of all grounds not supported. (b) Contents of memorandum The memorandum must contain a statement of facts, a concise statement of the law, evidence and arguments