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    Holding final order is appealable even if interlocutory appeal is not obtained
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    Holding that a court is permitted to "compensate an attorney not only for activities that were 'necessary,' but also for good gambles . . . even when those gambles do not produce an 'identifiable, tangible, and material benefit'"
  3. In Matter of Cajun Electric Power Cooperative

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    Concluding that § 1129 is designed to assure that payments for professional services connected with the debtor's Chapter 11 case will be subject to the bankruptcy court's approval and determination of reasonableness
  4. In re River Village Associates

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    Upholding confirmation of plan that permitted a secured creditor to credit bid and noting that "Congress did not intend to deprive creditors of the right to bid their full claim under a reorganization plan," without addressing whether such the right to credit bid was guaranteed under section 1129(b)
  5. In re Phoenix Petroleum Co.

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    Noting that, in the Chapter 7 context, property a trustee fails to administer is abandoned back to the debtor when the case is closed, but only with respect to property of the estate which has been "scheduled" by the debtor
  6. In re Lisanti Foods, Inc.

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    Holding that while § 1129 requires approval of fees for pre-confirmation services, a plan may allow for payment of post-confirmation fees in the ordinary course of business without bankruptcy court approval
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  8. In re Metrocraft Pub. Services, Inc.

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    Denying chapter 11 debtor's application for approval of disclosure statement where it failed to include information concerning any potential claims that might exist between debtor and affiliate
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  11. Section 157 - Procedures

    28 U.S.C. § 157   Cited 43,740 times   59 Legal Analyses
    Determining the validity, extent, or priority of liens
  12. Section 1334 - Bankruptcy cases and proceedings

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    Granting "exclusive jurisdiction" to a federal court handling a bankruptcy case "of all the property, wherever located, of the debtor as of the commencement of such case, and of property of the estate"
  13. Section 1408 - Venue of cases under title 11

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    In 28 U.S.C. § 1408(1), venue of bankruptcy cases is limited to, inter alia, districts in which the debtor's principal place of business has been located for 180 days before the petition was filed.
  14. Section 1125 - Postpetition disclosure and solicitation

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    Requiring court approval of the disclosure statement prior to plan confirmation
  15. Section 1126 - Acceptance of plan

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    Providing that impaired claim and interest holders are entitled to vote on plan approval
  16. Rule 3020 - Deposit; Confirmation of Plan in a Chapter 9 Municipality or Chapter 11 Reorganization Case

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    Providing that the confirmation hearing shall be after notice and hearing as provided by Rule 2002
  17. Rule 3017 - Court Consideration of Disclosure Statement in a Chapter 9 Municipality or Chapter 11 Reorganization Case

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    Stating that those entitled to receive ballots and notice of the voting deadline are "creditors and equity security holders . . . on the date the order approving the disclosure statement is entered or another date fixed by the court . . . ."
  18. Rule 3016 - Filing of Plan and Disclosure Statement in a Chapter 9 Municipality or Chapter 11 Reorganization Case

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    Addressing injunctions under a plan and stating "[i]f a plan provides for an injunction against conduct not otherwise enjoined under the Code, the plan and disclosure statement shall describe in specific and conspicuous language (bold, italic, or underlined text) all acts to be enjoined and identify the entities that would be subject to the injunction."