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We link every case on SCOTUSblog to Casetext because it is the best place to read the law on the internet.

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What is Casetext?

Casetext is a legal search engine where you can find federal and state court opinions, statutes, regulations, briefs, articles, and other legal documents quickly. Attorneys at over 2,800 law firms rely on Casetext because it couples modern design with advanced A.I. search technology to give you the best legal search available.

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Easy to use

Find the links you need in seconds thanks to Casetext’s fast, simple interface -- like Google but designed specifically for searching the law.

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Better for readers

Court opinions and other legal documents on Casetext are easy to read, available publicly on the internet, and coupled with helpful context about the document, all designed to create the best reading experience possible.

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Automatic linking for bloggers

For accepted blogs, Casetext will automatically link prior references to cases, statutes, and regulations in your blog to the full text on Casetext.

Expand your blog’s audience

To reach Casetext’s 1 million monthly readers and researchers, request that your blog be added to Casetext’s Legal Analyses database. Researchers on Casetext search substantive articles alongside primary law. Approved blogs will be added at the publisher’s request.


Monetize your blog

If you’re interested in earning referral fees, join Casetext’s affiliate program to receive $100 for each new Casetext customer who discovers us via your links.

Apply for free access

Legal journalists and bloggers may qualify for free access to Casetext through this program. Fill out the form below to apply for access to the most advanced and easy-to-use legal search service available.

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