The Top Supreme Court Cases of 2019: a SCOTUSblog Webinar

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What are the most important Supreme Court cases for lawyers to understand from the 2019 term? Our friends at SCOTUSblog have the answer.

As part of our ongoing work with SCOTUSblog, Casetext hosted the SCOTUSblog team for a Supreme Court term roundup webinar. Tom Goldstein and Sarah Harrington of Goldstein & Russell joined Casetext’s Laura Safdie to break down the most impactful cases and trends seen in this year’s term.

We’re offering a chance for you to watch, listen, or read this great conversation. Learn more below…

Highlighted Cases and Trends

Here’s a sample of the insights you’ll get from our panel of experts:

On what could be this term’s most significant case, Tom said, “This is the body of cases that has me most depressed in my entire professional career. So it’s a huge deal.”

On the a direct challenge to the Trump administration, Sarah summarized one position: “You know, you can really ignore the truth of what the record is, or you can actually face down that the administration is telling you an untruth.”

On the trends seen at SCOTUS this year, Sarah said, “There’s been a lot of attention – negative attention – focused on the Court in recent years and they just really wanted a quieter term.”

And, as Tom summarized, “I think that the left realizes that its role now is to kind of slow walk things and the majority isn’t trying to steamroll them, and that’s going to be the status quo for a while. And, you know, unless we had some other surprise, probably for decades.”

You can tell from these quotes that Tom, Sarah, and Laura got into big and important topics that are crucial for any lawyer to understand. The bigger picture around these impactful conflicts is shared with wit and wisdom. Make sure to watch the full webinar by signing up below…

How to Watch/Read/Listen

If you want to watch the recording of the SCOTUSblog webinar, be sure to click this link and sign up.

The folks at SCOTUSblog will also be posting the audio of the term roundup on their podcast here.

And we’ll be sharing the transcript of the webinar with anyone who signs up.

So make sure to go to this link to receive the webinar recording and transcript. We know that you’ll get the highlights you need. And we hope you’ll stay tuned to SCOTUSblog for updates and log in to Casetext to check out the cases and trends that surface in this exciting Supreme Court term.