Case Studies Podcast

Coming soon to podcast players near you: the Case Studies podcast.

Case Studies is a show about lawyers. We’ll profile some lawyers you know, some you’ve never heard of, and examine how they make the decisions that shape society.

The top of every iTunes list includes shows that feature stories of true crime and politics, yet none of them tells these stories from the perspective of the attorneys. That just makes no sense.

As attorneys, we have enormous influence on issues of justice, fairness, diversity, education, policy, government spending, and even families. We believe that lawyers should have an easy-to-access platform where they can look back at decisions made by our colleagues and to honestly evaluate them. That activity will help us all make better decisions.

We intend to host a weekly show in which Mike Whelan, managing editor at Casetext, will share one story about a lawyer’s choices. We’ll gather resources on this page, including resources for further research and contact information for educators who can help you dig deeper on the issues.

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We look forward to sharing these stories.