Wisconsin Social Media Bill Signed Into Law

Walcheske & Luzi, LLC Attorney Jesse Dill joins Governor Scott Walker and Legislators for the signing of the Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act

On April 8, 2014, Wisconsin joined the list of states with new social media legislation added to the books. Governor Scott Walker signed the hot topic bill, known as the Social Media Protection Act, into law. The bill not only represents the legislature’s efforts to keep up with technology, but it has also been touted as an example of bipartisanship with both sides of the aisle strongly supporting the law.

The law prohibits an employer from requesting social media login information to access an applicant’s or employee’s social media account. It also prohibits an employer from asking an applicant or employee to pull up their social media account to review the contents on the spot. The law specifically provides that an employer may review information that is publicly available along with several other important exceptions. While Wisconsin joined several other states in prohibiting educational institutions from engaging in the same conduct, Wisconsin uniquely also places similar restrictions on landlords.

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