Where there's smoke there is fire

Earlier today, our firm filed a class-action lawsuit against some of the nation’s largest manufacturers of smoke detectors. We had a client contact us with a story that was truly stunning. In short, our suit calls into question whether ionization-only technology – what makes most smoke detectors work – does a very poor job of detecting slow, smoldering fires. Another technology using photo-electric devices does a much better job, according to our suit.

Our consumer class-action suit contends that the manufacturers knew of this, but did little or nothing to warn consumers of what we believe to be a major flaw. We’ve begun talking with people who’ve had close calls with smoldering fires, and many are upset that the smoke detectors they purchased did not warn of the differences between the technologies.

Stay tuned to this blog, or http://www.hbsslaw.com/ for updates. This could be a major case that could make millions of Americans safer.