What We're Reading Today: Reheated Rhetoric

What We're Reading: a daily round-up of quick hits, clips, and opinion pieces touching on key issues of democracy, justice, liberty and national security.

Governor Cuomo announced a new online town hall website to help "spark dialogue between New Yorkers and their state government." "We’re happy to see Governor Cuomo taking this new step to further open the governor’s office to the public," said Lawrence Norden, deputy director of the Brennan Center's Democracy Program.

The New York Daily Newseditorializes in favor of the NYPD's intelligence gathering operation, saying the AP reporters doing the investigation "just don't get it." The Brennan Center opposes the NYPD's tactics, filing a freedom of information request this week asking for information about the Department's relationship with the CIA.

A Texas tea party group, represented by James Bopp, is challenging the state's corporate campaign donation ban.

Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall accused the Justice Department of "misleading the American public about how a section of the Patriot Act is being implemented."

After the Maine GOP claimed widespread voter fraud by college students, the Secretary of State found no evidence supporting the charge.

Texas plans to get rid of last meals for death row inmates.