Virginia county apologizes for closing schools to avoid integration

According to this report ("Closed school 'regret' stated," 4/17/04) in the Richmond paper, the county board of supervisors in Prince Edward County, where the schools were shut down to avoid integration, has approved a resolution 40 years later apologizing for that decision.

The article notes:

"As part of Virginia's policy of Massive Resistance to court-ordered desegregation, Prince Edward supervisors cut off funding to the school system. As a result, a private school was organized for white students, but black students were left on their own, with some going elsewhere to live with relatives, friends or sympathizers so they could continue their education. But many never returned to the classroom. They collectively became known as the 'Lost Generation.'"

Also, the Daily Press has this article ("Closed during 'massive resistance,' schools now a model of integration," 4/17/04) on the current state of integration in the Prince Edward County schools.