USCAP Calls for CCS PPPs and Federal Regulation of CCS

In an October 23rd letter to Sens. Lieberman (I-CT) and Warner (R-VA), USCAP calls for the senators to work to ensure that any federal climate bill includes:

  • the use of public/private partnerships to promote CCS, “with a stable revenue stream independent of Congressional appropriations, to include funding for demonstration projects, and
  • a requirement that the federal Environmental Protection Agency develop and promulgate regulations promptly “to permit long-term geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide.”

We are not sure precisely what is meant by the former. Perhaps a CCS trust or other revenue-generating vehicle could be created. We also are not sure if the reference is to deep saline injections only. With respect to the latter, USCAP is now on record opposed to the IOGCC model rules, thereby leaving IOGCC somewhat more isolated in the coming tussles over which level(s) of government will regulate CCS.