U.S. Coast Guard Publishes Reminder on Continuous Synopsis Records

On May 27, 2014, the U.S. Coast Guard published Marine Safety Information Bulletin 007-14, reminding vessel owners and operators of the importance of complying with international and flag state requirements to maintain a complete Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) file onboard vessels with all of the original CSR documents issued throughout the life of the vessel. Those requirements apply to all passenger and cargo vessels of 500 gross tons or larger engaged on international voyages. If original CSR documents are lost, certified replacement copies must be obtained from the vessel’s registry.

The Bulletin was reportedly triggered by a number of recent port state control reports citing incomplete CSR files coming from PSC authorities around the world. The observations are not due to any concentrated inspection campaign, but appear to reflect an increased awareness by port officials of the importance of the CSR file for maritime security and a lack of corresponding awareness by vessel personnel. Although the Bulletin is targeted towards U.S. flag vessels, the reminder is valid for vessels of all flags.