Today's opinions of the Virginia Court of Appeals

In Quesenberry v. Com., the court in an opinion by Senior Judge Willis joined by Judges Benton and Clements held that a flare gun is a firearm for purposes of Va. Code 18.2-308.2.

In Fairfax County School Bd. v. Humphrey, the court in an opinion by Chief Judge Fitzpatrick joined by Judges Annunziata and Clements held that the memorandum of agreement signed by the claimant was sufficent to make her workers' compensation claim timely, even though the employer later backed out of the deal.

In Lucas v. Federal Express, the court in an opinion by Judge Felton joined by Judge Kelsey and Senior Judge Willis concluded that there was no error in the conclusion that the claimant was not entitled to workers' compensation for injuries allegedly sustained when her delivery truck was struck by lightning.

In Robinson v. Com., the court in an opinion by Judge Frank joined by Judge Humphreys and Senior Judge Hudges affirmed the criminal contempt convictions of a lawyer.