To establish the third element of a prima facie case for retaliation under Title VII, a plaintiff must ultimately present evidence that there is a causal link between the protected activity and the adverse employment action.

“A review of her pleadings reflects that [Employee] has alleged that she has worked for [Employer] since 1988, she encountered no problems in the workplace until she was listed as a witness in [Co-worker]’s complaint in July 2008, and, shortly after being listed as a witness in the legal action [Co-worker] filed in state court against [Employer] in March of 2010, [Employee] was subjected to adverse actions in retaliation for her involvement in the protected activity. At this stage of the litigation, accepting her allegations as true, [Employee] has stated a plausible claim of retaliation against [Employer] under Title VII.”

Slaughter v. College of the Mainland, 2014 WL 1917981, at *5 (S.D. Tex. May 13, 2014) (Froeschiner, J.).