Times Articles on Subprime Crisis, Debt Collection, the CPSC Bills, Reverse Mortgages, and Online Privacy

I've accumulated a huge backlog of recent Times articles on consumer law issues, so here goes an attempt to reduce the backlog.

Many of the articles involve the mortgage crisis and plans to do something about it. For example, the lead article in today's Times is headlined "White House Offers Plan to Ward Off Credit Crisis." Here's an excerpt:

The plan, which relies primarily on state regulators and private industry to tighten their oversight of financial markets, calls on states to issue nationwide licensing standards for mortgage brokers.

The plan would also require lenders to make more complete disclosures about payment terms to home buyers. And it would curtail possible conflicts of interest at companies that assign levels of risk to packages of mortgages that are sold to investors.

* * *

But in many ways, the plan relies on the same market participants — from mortgage brokers to credit-rating agencies and Wall Street firms — that government officials and other experts blame for the current crisis.