Tidbits for Today

Well, this is the laconic law blog, right?

Facebook and Work Do Not Mix — Workplace Prof Blog examines the recent firings of 13 Virgin Atlantic employees for comments on Facebook.

Gorski v. ITT Long Term Disability Plan — Unpublished decision this week by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in ERISA long term disability benefits case. The interesting part of the case was that it reversed the denial of LTD benefits and awarded the benefits without remand because the Plan relied on a medical opinion that did not fully consider the medical evidence before the physician. The Plan had videotape by an investigator of the claimant doing yardwork and claimed this demonstrated her ability to work. The Fourth Circuit did not find the video as compelling as the district court must have.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act at 30 — courtesy of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog.

The Effect of Improper Deductions on Exempt Status — courtesy of the Delaware Employment Law Blog.

Right to vote? — summary of state laws on voting courtesy of the Manpower Employment Law Blawg.