Texas Supreme Court Orders (5/30/14)

Today's order list does not include any opinions or any grants. But there are a couple of interesting denials.

  • The Court denied a mandamus petition filed by Lance Armstrong seeking to stop the re-opening of an arbitration proceeding against him. The dispute arises from an insurance company's attempt to recover funds it paid to settle a dispute over performance compensation associated with Armstrong's Tour de France wins in 2002-2004.
  • The Court denied a mandamus petition filed by Lon Burnam seeking discovery about voters in his contest of the Democratic Party primary election for state representative in District 90.

Access the entire order list here.

Starting on Monday, the Court will hold conference every week throughout June. As a result, we can probably expect a number of opinions to be issued between now and the summer recess, which usually starts in the first week in July. So, stay tuned over the next several Fridays.

- Rich Phillips, Thompson & Knight