Stash house and aggravating role enhancements affirmed in drug case

US v. Lozano, 2019 WL 1746941 (10th Cir. 4/19/19) (published): Mr. Lozano pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute cocaine in a multi-year conspiracy. He challenged a two-level guideline enhancement for maintaining a premise for the purpose of distributing a controlled substance and a three-level enhancement for aggravated role. The Court affirmed both enhancements. The Court applied a “totality of the circumstances” test and affirmed that it is not necessary to show that the drug activity is the sole activity in the house for it to be a primary purpose. In this case, the “stash house” enhancement was supported by evidence that Mr. Lozano leased and paid the utilities at the house, and that it was not where he or his family lived. The district court’s finding that Mr. Lozano had no reason to maintain the house other than as a place to bring, unload, and distribute drugs was not clearly erroneous. The aggravating role enhancement was also not clearly erroneous. The district court relied on Mr. Lozano’s exercise of decision-making authority over two specific co-conspirators, including providing the means to enable their trafficking activities, and his routine claim to a larger share of the profits despite his lack of on-the-ground involvement.