Small towner rooting for small towns on Monday

I'm planning to be in the audience to observe the oral argument Monday morning in the Missouri Municipal telecommunications case on appeal from the Eighth Circuit, where the issue before the Supreme Court is mostly whether local governments are included in the phrase "any entity" as it appears in the Telecommunications Act (and, indeed, as Judge Jones of the W.D. Va. so held).

A business reporter called my office today inquiring about an amicus brief that I filed - I e-mailed him the URL for this page, where mostly all the briefs can be found, and the name and phone number of someone else he could call if he wanted to talk with a real live human.

The mention of the reporter's call reminds me of the story that one Lee County lawyer supposedly was quoted in the Kingsport paper some years ago in reference to the complexity of the matter before some court as saying that it was "one booger of a case." I've been unable to track down that precise quote in the online archives.