Slow to No Progress on GDPR Issues at ICANN 61

ICANN is meeting this week in Puerto Rico. What is the hottest topic? GDPR, of course.

Earlier today, ICANN’s CEO and General Counsel joined other community members to discuss ICANN’s proposed interim compliance model. As feared, it is now evident that ICANN does not have a clear path forward to grant access to WHOIS data once their interim model is put in place. There remain no details of how parties wishing access will be accredited, when that will happen, and who will do the accrediting (other than a rather bizarre suggestion that the Government Advisory Committee should be roped into making such decision). ICANN’s lack of detail and apparent plan is leading to fears that some raised of a coming WHOIS blackout—and all of the resultant online crime that will follow—if criminals know that law enforcement and private parties enforcing rights won’t be able to determine their identity.

We are keeping our ears to the ground here at ICANN 61 and will post news of any progress ICANN may make.