Sexual Harassment News: USC, McDonalds, Boy Scouts

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In wake of scandals, USC radically cuts number of trustees, imposes age limits, pledges more diversity

USC trustees approved far-reaching changes to their governing board Tuesday aimed at reforming leadership weaknesses that prevented the private university from effectively handling a series of scandals over the last few years.

Trustees voted to dramatically reduce the board’s size, impose term and age limits, diversify membership and limit the ability of the university president and board chair to handpick members of the powerful executive committee.

For the first time ever, the unusually secretive USC board will publicly disclose membership on committees, including academic affairs and finance — a standard practice even among private institutions. read more »

McDonald's Fired CEO

Former McDonald's CEO Stephen Easterbrook is getting an exit package of almost $42 million after his relationship with an employee was found to violate company policy.

But Easterbrook also presided over the company as it faced allegations of rampant sexual harassment of female employees by male co-workers and managers. (To be clear, his departure does not involve harassment allegations.)

In May, workers in 13 U.S. cities staged protests against low pay and the company's handling of alleged sexual harassment. In recent years, dozens of McDonald's workers have filed sexual harassment complaints, alleging everything from lewd comments and groping to retaliation. read more »

At Stressful Time, Boy Scouts Top Boss Goes on Medical Leave

The Boy Scouts of America's chief executive took a medical leave of absence as the youth organization faces financial difficulties related to sex-abuse litigation.

The ailing official, Mike Surbaugh, has held the BSA's top post for four years.

The chairman of the BSA's executive committee, James Turley, conveyed the news of Surbaugh's departure to members of the Boy Scout's national staff in an email sent Monday. In the note, Turley referred to the BSA's ongoing "financial challenges." read more »