Senators push for better mental health care at Fort Carson

Six U.S. Senators, including Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Hillary Rodham Clinton, R-N.Y., sent Defense Secretary Robert Gates a letter stating the stigma of mental illness is a significant barrier to veteran’s care. Fort Carson, Colorado has received increased attention and scrutiny after a lack of care and concern for veterans returning home from war was brought to the attention of the American public earlier this year.

Soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries as a result of their service were found to have not been receiving the proper medical treatment and attention at bases around the country.

The letter states that the Army needs national policy adjustments and increased resources to meet the needs of soldiers and their families. While the senators understand a recent increase in multiple high-stress deployments has strained current facilitie’s resources, the need for increased care of American service men and women should not have to suffer because of it.

Earlier this year, the American Psychological Association released a study that found the military’s mental health system was overwhelmed and understaffed, leaving many soldiers, veterans and families without the care they needed.

You can read more on the senators’ efforts here.