SB 734 - Regulatory Reform

Speaking of Christmas in July.....

Senate Bill 734 - Regulatory Reform is resting comfortably in the Senate Ways and Means Committee but will likely get sprung loose in the waning hours of this legislative session.

This bill was filed dealing with local ordinances, but the Senate started to decorate this bill long before it got to the House with two new versions prepared for committees and 11 amendments added on the Senate floor. The House also had two new versions of the bill for committee plus 7 floor amendments. What resulted is a pretty well-organized regulatory catch-all in 3 main sections:

I. Administrative Reforms

II. Business Regulations

III. State and Local Government Regulation

A few noteworthy provisions:

1.1 establishes Governor's Education Cabinet

1.13 authorizes licensing boards to adopts rules for professional corporations

2.16 creates a study of statutory changes to corporations laws

3.5 repeals the supermajority effect of protest petitions

Be sure to check out the bill here: