Russian gang pulls off largest cybertheft ever

Hold Security, a security firm that performs deep web monitoring and other services, announced on August 5, 2014, that a Russian gang, dubbed CyberVor, has successfully stolen 1.2 billion unique e-mail and password credentials of individuals and companies. It is believed that this is the largest cybertheft of Internet passwords to date.

To pull this off, CyberVor injected malicious code into over 420,000 websites and ftp sites. It amassed 4.5 billion records, which translated into 1.2 billion unique e-mail and passwords. According to Hold Security, this cyber gang has possession of “the largest cache of stolen data” to date. Hold Security is offering to let individuals and companies know if their e-mails and passwords were compromised by registering at

Security experts are advising individuals to change passwords, avoid using the same password for multiple sites and to use complex passwords.