Revised List of Schools Teaching Consumer Law

by Jeff Sovern

Now that we've heard from some readers about other schools teaching consumer law, a more complete list appears after the jump (if you know of still more schools, please let me know). The totals are even more encouraging than I had thought: 119 schools, or 58.55%, offer either some form of a consumer law non-clinic course or a clinic; 108 schools, or 52.94%, offer a type of consumer law non-clinic class; 32, or 15.69%, have consumer law clinics; 87 (42.65%) offer only a class; 11 (5.39%) offer only a clinic; and 21 offer both (10.29%). For comparison, five years ago 62 schools offered a consumer law course, a clinic, or both. Back in 2013, Brian Leiter's poll found that consumer law was the top choice for areas of law deserving more attention in the legal academy. These results suggest that schools acted on that view.