Resolution to Make March Brain Injury Awareness Month

On January 30, Assemblyman Herb Conaway introduced Assembly Joint Resolution No. 85 [AJR85]. This resolution designates the month of March in each year as “Brain Injury Awareness Month.” You can find a copy of the bill for your review here (PDF). Passage of this bill is important because it can enhance awareness of brain injury amongst both state lawmakers and the general public. Therefore, we need your assistance in getting this bill passed. To work toward this end, please take the following action and steps: Contact your Assembly representatives and ask him or her to become a co-sponsor of AJR85. Mention that it is important to support this bill in an effort to raise public awareness of brain injury – a serious but underrecognized public health concern. To determine who your Assembly representatives are, follow this process: a. Determine who your Assemblymembers are by visiting here. b. Locate the name of your municipality in the index. c. Click “District (whatever number applies to your town).” d. For more detailed information, including email address, about your Assembly representatives, simply click on the respective Assemblymembers name. Thank you.