Religious Freedom Restoration Act v. Affordable Care Act

College moved for a preliminary injunction to bar the defendant from enforcing provisions of Affordable Care Act (ACA) that require the College to: (1) inform the government that it is claiming religious exemption to ACA; and (2) to supply the government with names of the College's insurers so that the College's students and employees (so those individuals could receive emergency contraception health insurance coverage with respect to fertilized ovum.) Wheaton College v. Burwell, No. 14-2396 (7th Cir. July 1, 2015).

The District Court did denied College's motion. The Seventh Circuit affirmed.

The Seventh Circuit held that the injunction was properly denied as: (1) the College failed to show that delaying any judgment in its favor until case on merits had been resolved would cause the College any harm; and (2) the College's position that the ACA improperly "uses" plaintiff's health plans to provide emergency contraption coverage to its students and employees, was not factually supported by record.