regular pattern of frequent verbal ridicule or insults sustained over time can constitute severe or pervasive harassment sufficient to violate Title VII.

“In the interrogatories, Plaintiff states that Wood called him a “wetback”on five different occasions: (1) April 21, 2008; (2) May 29, 2008; (3) June 21, 2008; (4) July 10, 2008; and (5) August 8, 2008. Wood also told Plaintiff that “Salvadorans are liars” on July 8, 2008. Given the number of times these racial comments were made in a short, five-month period, the court determines that these actions amount to more than simple teasing, offhand comments, and isolated incidents, and that a genuine dispute of material fact is established as to Plaintiff’s hostile work environment claim.”

Vasquez v. Johnson, 2014 WL 2438380, at * 17 (N.D. Tex. May 30, 2014) (Lindsay, J.).