Recent Jury Verdicts and Settlements

Our latest update on recent jury verdicts and settlements after the break.

MA – A jury awarded a fire captain $350,000 in a disability discrimination suit against the city of Lowell when it refused to let him return to work after he suffered asthma attacks. The city argued that it had a policy against the use of inhalers by working firefighters.

TX – A jury ruled against a television reporter in her wrongful termination suit against the station. The reporter alleged that the station had discriminated against her because of her race when it suspended her with pay for her coverage of a controversial news story.

TX – A federal jury found in favor of the county in a sex discrimination suit brought by a former corrections officer after she was fired for failing to closely monitor an inmate who then escaped.

NC – Holden Beach reached a $137,500 settlement in a gender discrimination and harassment suit brought by a former police officer who alleged she was fired because of her sex.

NE – A federal jury awarded $280,000 to a former professor on her retaliation claim against the University of Nebraska. The professor alleged that she was retaliated against for complaining about discrimination based on her gender and religion. The jury found in favor of the university on the discrimination claims.

TX – A federal jury awarded $5.8 million to a former electric company supervisor (White) who alleged he was fired because the company was afraid to only fire the Hispanic human resources manager who had gotten into an altercation with him. The company had initially cleared the supervisor of any wrongdoing, but later reversed their decision after expressing concern about a potential discrimination complaint by the human resources manager.

CA – A jury awarded $125,000 to a Ukrainian woman who came to the U.S. on a work visa. The plaintiff alleged that her supervisor had threatened to revoke her visa and used it as leverage for sexually harassing her, and then ultimately terminated her.

VA – A jury awarded $25 million to a former Maersk Line Ltd. seaman who alleged he was raped by South Korean police during shore leave and the company acted negligently in failing to give him the necessary medical care. The company had found no evidence of sexual assault and terminated him for being intoxicated on the ship.

MN – A federal jury awarded $1.9 million to a former at-will employee who alleged that his former employer, Seagate Technology, had fraudulently induced him into accepting employment with the company. The employee had moved his family to Minnesota from Texas after accepting a job with Seagate, but was laid off ten months later. The claim was brought under a rarely litigated Minnesota statute (Minn. Stat. § 181.64) that prohibits the use of knowingly false statements to induce someone into accepting employment.