Read about the story behind the LabMD investigation and litigation: The Devil Inside the Beltway, written by LabMD CEO, Michael J. Daugherty

We have been frequently updating you on the LabMD case. Ever wonder what’s really happening behind the scenes of this groundbreaking case? Well, LabMD CEO, Michael J. Daugherty, has something to say about it in his book, The Devil Inside the Beltway. The Amazon review of the book states, “This book should be required reading by anyone who has any dealings with the government....and that doesn’t leave out many of us....when the government turns on us with its full arsenal it will be a long, bumpy, time consuming and expensive road with little chance of justice, right over wrong or common sense reasonable thinking.....a simple mistake by an innocent employee on one computer inside a private medical service company that was contained and caused no harm led to years of unjustifiable persecution of the company by all three branches of ‘our’ government....the book reads like a novel and, once begun, becomes difficult to put is an excellent, thorough documentation of the battle of the author’s company to try and bring some common sense to the unjustified accusations of the government....the litany is frustrating, disappointing and provoking....unfortunately, it’s not surprising....Kudos to the author, Michael Daugherty, for taking the time and spending the money to lay open the horrifying workings of the USA Gov’t against the ethical, honest, hardworking and well intentioned segment of the private sector that he represents.....this book needs to go viral.” Check it out on Amazon here.