Re: John Fund's "Vote-Fraud Demagogues"

Wall Street Journal

June 18, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Mr. Fund’s effort to resuscitate now-discredited arguments for voter ID relies on assertions, unproven accusations and innuendo more misleading than those he ascribes to its critics. For example, neither the U.S. Supreme Court nor Georgia’s high court endorsed voter IDs; both courts ruled on technical grounds.

Also, there is no way that voter ID can prevent voting machine tampering or illegal voting by people with disqualifying felony convictions. Plus, there is no evidence of widespread fraudulent voting by non-citizens, people with felony convictions, or any other ineligible voters.

We’ve had enough overblown rhetoric on this issue. What we need is a sober look at the facts. Those facts show that millions of Americans don’t have the kinds of ID Mr. Fund supports for voting and that voter ID does not prevent the kinds of fraud that actually do threaten our elections.

Let’s focus on real solutions to real problems instead.

Wendy Weiser

Deputy Director

Democracy Program

Brennan Center For Justice at NYU School of Law

New York