Prevnar and ActHIB: Here We Go, Again

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. There’d be far fewer toxic tort claims if it weren’t for that little logical fallacy which informs so many opinions.

Today there’s word from Japan that the use of Prevnar and ActHIB has been suspended following the deaths of four children who died after immunization against bacterial meningitis and pneumonia. Though the vaccines came from separate lots indicating that contamination was not an issue and despite the fact that pneumonia and bacterial meningitis are dreadful diseases the news prompted the usual outpouring of vaccine denunciations.

Here in Houston the news produced claims that (a) the autism-derived and fact-free belief that children get too many shots or that they’re given "too close together" means lazy doctors are to blame; (b) vaccines lower I.Q. and cause a 700% increase in cancer; (c) the U.S. Supreme Court has put us at the mercy of drug companies so that "you give those vaccines to your children at their peril"; and, (d) there’s a dark conspiracy, in which the media is complicit, to bury stories about the harmful effects of vaccinations. See them all at "The MomHouston Blog".

You may not know people like these but they show up on your juries. Ignore them at your peril.