Players To Judge: Lift Pay Prohibition

Yesterday, college athletes in the now-infamous Ed O’Bannon trial submitted a post-hearing brief, arguing that the NCAA’s refusal to allow athletes to profit from their likenesses constitutes an anti-competitive restraint of trade without corresponding benefits. As noted previously on this blog, the players are seeking an injunction in order to lift the NCAA’s prohibition on paying student-athletes when their likenesses are used in video games, merchandise, and broadcasts, among other things.

“The NCAA cartel and its members engage in a restraint of trade by refusing to permit payment to current and former Division I men’s basketball and [Football Bowl Subdivision] football players for the use of their [names, images and likenesses],” the brief said.

There is no deadline for Judge Wilken to rule on the case, which has been kicking around since 2009. Stay tuned for updates from @LRToday.

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