Overland Solutions faces workers’ class suit

As it appeared in Insurance Business America

by Allie Sanchez

Insurance inspectors of a California services provider have filed a class suit against the company alleging it deliberately misclassified them to avoid paying proper wages.

Overland Solutions is now facing a class suit filed by its inspectors for reported violations of the state’s labor code.

A statement from the complainants’ legal representative Sanford Heisler said that the field inspectors were classified as independent contractors so Overland can “avoid paying inspectors’ wages and business expenses despite exercising extensive control,” on their work.

Specifically, the complaint alleged that the complainants were not compensated for expenses arising from the performance of their duties, and the accomplishment of their responsibilities.

“The complaint seeks to recover unpaid wages and penalties and to enjoin (Overland) from continuing misclassification of its workforce,” the statement concluded.