Ohio Legislators Introduce Bills To Revise New Chemical Disclosure And Setback Requirements

Northeast Ohio legislators introduced legislation yesterday to amend chemical disclosure provisions passed last spring as part of SB 315 and to require new wells be located further from an occupied dwelling.

Companion bills SB 379 and HB 596 would require as part of an oil and gas permit application, the disclosure of all chemicals used in the gas and oil drilling process. This would include the chemical name, abstracts service number, family name, the trade name and the vendor, as well as a description of the chemical’s intended use or function. Finally the quantity, reported as a percentage by weight or volume of the total fluid must be disclosed as well. Sponsors argue that not fully disclosing this chemical information would limit the ability of medical professionals to treat patients exposed to the chemicals.

Additional legislation, SB 379, was introduced yesterday to revise the required setback distance of a well from an occupied dwelling and to establish oil and brine storage tank requirements.

The newly introduced bills must pass both chambers of the Ohio General Assembly prior to the December close of session or be reintroduced for consideration in the 130th Ohio General Assembly.