NLRB Public Hearings on “Quickie” Elections to Proceed on July 18-19

When the National Labor Relations Board announced its proposed rulemaking to shorten the time between the filing of representation petitions and the resulting elections, it announced that it would hold public hearings on July 18th (and possibly 19th). It allowed interested parties a few days to request participation. A number of public officials and employer groups asked that the Board extend the time for the submission of written comments and schedule hearings in various locations following those submissions.

On Friday, the Board denied those requests, announcing that the previously announced time limits would stand:

The Board has received requests seeking, inter alia, to postpone the public meeting. These requests have been made by Senators Enzi, Hatch and Isakson, by the United States Chamber of Commerce (joined by other organizations) and by the Workforce Fairness Institute. Having duly considered these requests, the Board (Member Hayes, dissenting) has decided to proceed with the meeting as scheduled. Sufficient public interest in participating in the meeting has been expressed to warrant extending the meeting through July 19, 2011. Moreover, interested parties that are unable to participate in the hearing or wish to extend their oral remarks may do so through the submission of written comments by August 22, 2011, pursuant to the NPRM.

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce did not wait on the Board’s public hearing, choosing to hold a hearing of its own this past Thursday, "Rushing Union Elections: Protecting the Interests of Big Labor at the Expense of Workers’ Free Choice." Witnesses included former NLRB Chairman Peter Schaumber, Dana Corp. employee Larry Getts, Indiana Professor Kenneth Dau-Schmidt, Appleton, Wisc. business owner John Carew, and Michael Lotito, Esq. of Jackson Lewis.

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