New Study on Long-Term Effects of TBI in Former Football Players

A new study out of the University of Texas at Dallas that was reported online in JAMA Neurology demonstrated that former football players were more likely to suffer cognitive deficits and depression as they grow older than their normal cohorts. This study, by lead author Dr. John Hart, Jr., stated: “Our findings suggest that a dynamic process underlies dysfunction in these players as they age and that their deficits do no simply reflect the static effects of previous damage.”

Once again, this is an important finding as it is imperative that neuro attorneys keep in mind that the deficits found on neuropsychological testing do not establish a base line. All too often I have heard defense doctors testify when patients interpret their neuropsychological test results that the plaintiff must be malingering because people with traumatic brain injury get better over time, not worse. This study goes a long way to discrediting that argument.