New Resources from NCLC

This update lists NCLC’s new reports, webinars, our conference, and other practice tools:

1. FTC releases important Advisory Opinion on its rule Preservation of Consumer Claims and Defenses, strengthening the ability of consumers to get affirmative recoveries from assignees and other note holders.

2. Register for NCLC’s Summer Mortgage Conference 2012 at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C. July 17-18, 2012. For more information about the conference, to register, and hotel reservations.

3. How to set up an effective foreclosure mediation program in your statesee NCLC’s Rebuilding America.

4. An in-depth look at how errors by criminal background checking companies harm workers and businesses.

5. NCLC REPORTS (March/April 2012):

Deceptive Practices & Warranties Ed.: new federal statutory changes re removal, diversity, jurisdiction and venue; 3rd Cir. upholds arbitration class arbitration ruling; what you don’t know about check payments.

Bankruptcy & Foreclosures Ed.: loan modification or curing a default in bankruptcy for widows, orphans, and divorcees; Treasury announces HAMP Tier II Loan Mod Program

Debt Collection & Repo Ed.: 11th Cir finds FDCPA applies to mortgage debts; 9th Cir finds owner of debt collection agency personally liable; 8th Cir. rejects FDCPA claim for litigation abuse; 4th Cir. finds no federal banking preemption for repo claims

Consumer Credit & Usury Ed.: BofA settles ECOA/FHA claims against Countrywide; Can you toll the TILA statute of limitations

6. NCLC free webinar series continues:

Wednesday, May 30 at 2PM EST: “Alternatives To Bankruptcy: Advising Seniors When Bankruptcy Is Not An Option.” Contact: for this and future webinars. Also, FREE downloads of over 50 past webinars.

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