National Labor Relations Board Suspends Implementation of ‘Quickie’ Election Rule Invalidated by Court

Regarding yesterday’s federal court decision to invalidate the National Labor Relations Board’s "quickie" election rule, we noted:

It does, however, raise the interesting question of the extent to which elements of the Acting General Counsel’s new guidelines — designed to expedite election processing consistent with the rule — will survive as an administrative matter on the regional level.

Today, that question has been answered temporarily. The Board just announced it has temporarily suspended the implementation of changes to its representation case procedures. While Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce reiterated his support for the rule changes, pending review of legal options, the Board will continue to process representation petitions under the previous, long-standing guidelines.

The Board announcement also clarified:

Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon today withdrew the guidance to regional offices he issued prior to the effective date and advised regional directors to revert to their previous practices for election petitions starting today.

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